Monday, August 04, 2008

Thomas Visit to Australia

Mr Thomas, daughter Nicole and wife Charlene together with Nathan (please correct me if I'm wrong), Tan Ah Lai and Pang Ching Sing.
Picture taken on 30 July 2008, courtesy of Tan Ah Lai.
Nathan and wife and others.
Mr Thomas and family.
An earlier photo taken during Segar's trip to Melbourne.
Another snapshot of the same event.
Guys only.
Thanks to Ah Lai for all the pictures.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Tey Heng Hong's Australia's Visit

It is revisiting Australia. All pictures contributed by Tey Heng Hong and taken during his trip to Australia for his daughter's convocation on 14 Dec 2006 in Monash University.
Group photo taken during dinner at Crown Casino Hotel. Standing from left: Youngest daughter Tey Yan Yan, Pang Ching Sing, Seng Jee Oun, Tan Ah Lai's brother from Seremban, Tey Heng Hong, Tan Ah Lai, Heng Hong's wife Hoo Choon Lin and eldest daughter Tey Chin Chin.
Sitting is Nathan's wife (left) and Nathan (right).
Closer view.
Our friends having dinner.
Tey Heng Hong with family at Crown Casino Hotel.
It was youngest daughter, Tey Yan Yan's convocation on December 14, 2006. Picture taken moments before the ceremony.

Heng Hong and wife at Victoria Market.
Tey Heng Hong with family at Cradle Mountain.
At King Soloman's Cave, Tasmania.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Segar's Family - Sydney Australia

Thanks to Chee Nong for contributing the pictures and commentaries during his trip to Sydney from Sept 12 to 17.
It was a long while ago anyone of us has seen him, our head-boy in the year 1970, so it would be better to archive these pictures into the Ledang blogs, lest they get erased after awhile.
Segar with wife, Joy.
Segar, Joy and Chee Nong, who is now residing in Hongkong.
Picture of the band, Small Change, performing at the restaurant.
2nd from left is Dylan, 2nd son and 3rd from left is Joel, elder son.

Another shot of the band.